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ROOTS went on their first overnight trip together. They traveled to The Forks and teamed up with Three Rivers White Water Rafting Company. White water rafting fosters excellent team building skills as well as allowing individuals to explore their own capabilities.

The group stayed in bunkhouses, played games, swam and had a campfire. The weekend adventure in the wilderness was full of bonding and adrenaline!

EOS students have focused a great deal of time on conflict response and resolution lately, which is fairly new territory for many of them. They’ve done a number of activities promoting clear communication, respect, and emotion management, and the group’s made some great progress.

As a culminating test of their learning’s they went to the Escape Room in Brunswick, where program leaders were very proud of how well the kids worked as a team to solve puzzles, crack codes, and unlock the doors before time ran out. Program Coordinator, Luke Milardo said, “It was great to see some of the more energetic, and outspoken kids working alongside and sharing with the quieter ones.”

A number of the EOS students are enamored with animals, so they planned a field trip to the Coastal Humane Society. They worked together to make homemade dog treats and cat toys for their furry friends. The students absolutely loved this service learning trip and want to go back again soon!

EOS students have also decided to build a doll house as a program fundraiser. The group has broken into small teams, a design team, a carpentry team, painters, and decorators. The groups will meet over the summer, and they hope to have it done by early fall.

A New Program with a Fresh Start!

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Fresh Start, our newest program is a spin off of our Jump Start program which targets a younger youth population. While Fresh Start still allows older teens to participate, this program is designed specifically for first-time offending youth between the ages of 11-14. Fresh Start’s focus is hands-on-learning and giving within the community through service. Students work side-by-side with caring adults for 6.5 hours a week for a month. We are grateful to the Tedford Shelter and Small Point Summer School, our summer partners this year. They have helped us give students opportunities to learn how to work as a team, build trust, and make better, and more thoughtful decisions under the guidance of caring adults.

ROOTS took a wonderful field trip to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay.

The gardens allowed our youth to learn, wonder and experience plants from all over the world, as well as admire sculptures created by Maine artists.

They loved the reflexology portion of the 5 senses garden where they could get hands (and feet!) on, the children’s area where they could climb a tree house, row a boat, catch frogs and build fairy houses.

An afternoon picnic at Barret’s Park gave the students down time to explore on their own and just be themselves.

Finally, they ended the day at The Escape Room in Brunswick, where they worked in teams to solve clues and escape the rooms together.

Working as a team under pressure is a challenge in itself, but these kids were up for the challenge and completed their mission before the time was up.

ROOTS youth have also shared an ice cream social at school, a family dinner at Seeds, and a trip to GetAir in Portland. Time together outside of their day to day in school time allows for deeper relationships and better understanding of community.

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