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Our Programs

  • NAVIGATE is a peer-mentoring program in which high school upperclassmen help freshmen and sophomores face the social, academic, and behavioral challenges in their adjustment to high school. By providing a safe space for students to explore meaningful topics, Navigate improves confidence, increases self-awareness, and creates a sense of belonging in school and community.
  • EOS (Enrichment, Opportunity, and Support) offers in-school and out-of-school enrichment opportunities to middle school youths and their families with the end goal of creating community, overcoming challenges, and building aspirations beyond middle and high school.
  • ROOTS employs a multi-tiered approach to supporting youth over the course of six years, from seventh grade through high school graduation. Informed by students' personal growth and unique developmental demands, Roots is continually evolving to build on student strengths and to support their needs through active and ongoing engagement with adult mentors and community partners. Community service, cultural awareness, environmental awareness, wilderness exploration, and adventure-based education - are the five pillars of Roots programming.
  • JUMP START is an eight-week court diversion program for first time non-violent offenders designed to increase thoughtful decision making, self-awareness, self-advocacy, communication, and respect for others. Students participate in weekly, judgement free, group discussions with their peers, mentors, and gues speakers. Students give back to others and make positive, new associations through their community service project. Jump Start hosts cohorts of youth during Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter sessions.

Our Impact

"Jump Start was the best thing I ever did. I got into the appropriate counseling because of my relationship with my mentor, and it changed my whole life." - C.M., Brunswick

"By participating in programming with Seeds, my daughter gained a better understanding of how to communicate with others, including myself and her mother." - Seeds Program Parent

"Well, I'm your friend, and I'd be happy to meet up and study with you." - Navigate Peer Mentor