Seeds of Independence is a nonprofit corporation, founded to help at risk youths in Maine reach their full potential as independent, productive members of society

Our Programs Include:


An eight week court diversion program for first time offenders.Learn More


A 12 week program for repeat juvenile offenders that focuses on building self esteem, moral character and self reliance.Learn More

Young Parenting

A program for young parents focusing on parenting skills and goal setting for independent living.Learn More


A high school mentor program offering peer support to students in need of a positive role model.Learn More

Why Our Programs are Important

  • Presently 25% to 35% of young people in Maine are living in poverty. This trend is on the rise.
  • Out of 189 students entering Brunswick High School this year, 48 are at high risk of dropping out.
  • The Topsham schools are presently working with 70 homeless families.
  • Every shelter from Portland to Rockland is currently full.
  • There are only 6 state-funded beds in the State for girls with substance abuse issues.
  • SOI has served almost 2000 children, teens, and young adults in the state of Maine over the past 12 years.


The Rebound program has proven that every penny, every foot-pound of energy that we put into our troubled youth will be repaid a hundred times over. I hear from the children themselves that these volunteer mentors are changing and improving lives daily.
Joseph Field, Judge, Maine District Court
I believe our youth are the most valuable resource we have for the future and we need to invest everything we can into helping them become independent, contributing members of society. The need for community support has never been greater than it is now. I truly believe that collective action is imperative for a successful future for Maine and that is what we are promoting and doing as an organization.
Willo Wight, Program Director
I was connected with a mentor when I was seven months pregnant and had dropped out of high school. With support from my mentor I got my GED, a job, my driver’s permit and I’m excited about my future. I’m so grateful for the support that my daughter and I have gotten from Seeds of Independence – we are very lucky.
Heather, 17, Young Parenting Group